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Rastafari Indigenous Village

The Rastafari Indigenous Village is a completely natural experience. It introduces the visitor to the messages, stories and lifestyle of the Rastafari of Jamaica against a backdrop of the greens and blues of the earth, fire and water.  It is completely interactive, a conversation that involves all the senses: audio, visual, taste, touch, smells, and intuitive.

Visitors are guided into an understanding of the diversity of the Jamaican people their enviro-socio-psychological contexts then introduced to the water, traversing from one world into another.  The Riverwalk takes one briefly through the undergrowth of the forest, through banana walks and fruit groves, up into the Village (as it is commonly known) slightly hidden away from the rest of the local community. There, coconut water is served, a presentation given about the unique interpretations of the elements of life, the fire, and the food.  Visitors are invited not only to view, but to become a participant in the dialogue about nutrition, healing herbs and plants, and the very essence of life.  The Drum Hut is at the heart of the Village and the rhythms engage and align the many heartbeats into a common ancestral chant.

Exotic fruits in season enliven taste buds, and visitors are encouraged to broaden and transform accepted definitions and meaning in consideration of new knowledge presented.

The Rastafari Indigenous Village is delicious, enlightening, entertaining and authentic.  Be prepared to get your toes wet, your senses awakened and your spirits renewed.


The Village has the conventional tour experience, which can be captured in just three hours. However, for those seeking more, there is day visitation which may include the museum, services at the Wellness Centre, and creativity experiences – visual, craft and musical.

Persons wishing to study, research and delve further into their encounters can stay the night in one of the many guest cottages.

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