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Falmouth Jewish Cemetary

Anyone with a fascination for cemeteries and an interest in Jewish history will want to take the short 20-minute walk to the nearly 200-year old Falmouth Jewish Cemetery.  This cemetery is one of twenty-one documented Jewish cemeteries in Jamaica.

  •  Enjoy a leisurely walk to and from the cemetery through streets featuring rich Georgian architecture, including several national monuments.
  •  Delve into the little known history of the Jews of Jamaica and discover how they came to be the island’s oldest continuous community.
  •  Stroll around tombstones that have many stories to tell, including a Jewish Jamaican family that can trace its roots back to the Spanish Inquisition, calling Amsterdam, Bordeaux, the Channel Islands, Cincinnati and Jamaica home.

Falmouth Jewish Cemetery-Photographer Wyatt Gallery-Falmouth Heritage Walks

Falmouth Jewish Cemetery – Photographer Wyatt Gallery
– Falmouth Heritage Walks –

Falmouth Jewish Cemetery-Falmouth Heritage Walks

Falmouth Jewish Cemetery
– Falmouth Heritage Walks –                                                                                BOOK NOW

 The best way to experience the historic town of Falmouth is to explore it on foot.

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